Green Policy

In the best spirit of environment and corporate social responsibility, Eureka Six Sigma resolves that its business practices and behavior will demonstrate less reliance on materials /substances that may cause environmental damage to air, water, earth or its inhabitants. We will continue to remain an environment friendly company and do hereby affirm & commit;

1. We will buy products for our business that are;

  • CFC free
  • biodegradable
  • compostable
  • lead, cadmium & mercury free
  • energy efficient
  • made from renewable materials &
  • recyclable

2. We don’t want trees to be cut indiscriminately, hence we will;

  • not use or offer our customers coffee/tea or drinks in paper utensils
  • buy in bulk to avoid un-necessary packaging
  • use both sides of the paper/folders and will not print excessively and un-necessarily decrease the margins on the papers to accommodate more words per line
  • try our level best to do business electronically and will rely less on paper and paper products
  • we will use or accept paper bags from vendors or retailers

3. We believe in consuming less water and will;

  • not use excess water while cleaning, washing or bathing
  • use re-usable/recycled toiletry products and flush whenever necessary
  • drink tap water and will use re-usable water bottles

4. We will save and conserve energy by;

  • turning off PCs, lights and other electronic equipment when not in use
  • using compact florescent light bulbs
  • using energy efficient and less hazardous equipment to run our business
  • continually checking air leaks and poor insulation in our premises

5. We will drive smarter and less by;

  • encouraging our team members for ride shares, car pools and public transits
  • using fuel efficient vehicles and keeping them fit
  • disposing non-functional equipment or components through an organization that specializes in safe disposal

We endeavor to transform ourselves to becoming more environmentally conscious and educate our guests, customers and staff by expanding the green community of people who respect environment and contribute in its sustainability.

If you have questions– feel free to send us an email at