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ISO 9001 is a management standard developed by the International Standard Organization (ISO); a non-governmental network of national standards bodies from 157 countries. Since 1947, ISO has developed 17,000 standards that serve as technical agreements for compatible technologies worldwide.

ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely used standard and considered as a global guideline for Quality requirements in business to business dealings. It recommends implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) with documented quality policy, quality procedures and work instructions. ISO 9001 standard is 'generic' and applies to any organization, public, private, large or small producing goods or services for the benefit of its customers.

Why is ISO 9001 widely accepted?

This Standard has flourished because it adds value how organizations can be managed both from a management and employee perspective. From a management standpoint it provides better control of their internal processes, enhanced communication, clarity of accountability, and results in a higher level of consistency across an organization. For an employee is provides better work environment, clear and relevant guidance to ensure that their work meets intended specifications and customer needs.

ISO 9001:2008 Implementation results in improving customer/end user perception by consistently meeting customer requirements. It also aligns teams to achieve organizational objectives by improving the bottom-line.

Why companies go for ISO 9001 Registration?

  1. Integrates confidence into all aspects of business by allowing alignment between a company's strategic direction
  2. Ensures clarity of purpose and collective action resulting in agility and less rework
  3. Paves the way for Continuous Improvement by;
    • Using Quality Management principles
    • Adopting a process approach
    • Laying emphasis on the role of the top management
    • Defining requirements for the establishment of measurable objectives at relevant function levels
    • Monitoring information on 'customer satisfaction' as a measure of system performance
    • Considering statutory and regulatory requirements
  4. Helps in reducing costs because of Quality built-in at every manufacturing stage
  5. Reduces if not eliminate Waste because of less rework and defects
  6. Improves intellectual capital and customer value
  7. Brings about cultural change and bottom-line growth

Why Eureka?

Eureka Six Sigma is a one stop for all your process, technology and people related solutions. We offer the most comprehensive, cost effective and result-oriented program for Quality Management System. Following are some of our strengths that differentiate us from competition;

  • Thorough understanding of the ISO 9001:2008 Requirements
  • Our commitment to providing exceptional value to customers
  • Experienced Auditors and Sector Specialists with multi-industrial exposure
  • On-off site ISO 9001, ISO 14000, Quality and Lean/Six Sigma coaching and training

Eureka ISO 9001 Services

  • ISO Training; Eureka provides on-off site training on ISO 9001 awareness, ISO Documentation writing & internal quality system auditing.
  • Gap Analysis and Assessment; helping you prepare for ISO certification.
  • ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 business philosophy if properly applied can yield extraordinary results. It increases customer satisfaction levels, aligns processes as per your customer wants, increases motivation levels and results in superior financial return as a consequence.

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