Waste Elimination

Business is all about selling services or products to a customer. All organs of an operation are in a way sales support i.e., consistently convincing the customer to keep on giving money. Astonishingly, a lot of businesses know very little of their customer needs and fail after reaching their mountain tops. Product failures, frittering competitive advantages, governance break-downs and dwindling market shares are some examples of their downfall. A very noticeable cause is the inability of business leaders to implement change and periodically eliminate waste from their systems.

Eureka Six Sigma recommends a comprehensive 360 degree Business Operation Assessment to diagnose the health of your business. This will help you understand the gap between your current performance and full business potential.

Benefits of Waste Elimination

Eureka’s report of finding will identify potential leverage points & areas of improvement that are crucial to sustaining your business and ensuring long-term competitiveness. Our report will also highlight specific goals and initiatives for your company that can help you reach its ultimate potential. At a high-level, some examples of future initiatives and goals revolve around:

  • Waste reduction at all levels;
    • waste of moving people, products and information;
    • waste of storing parts, documentation and pieces;
    • waste of bending, turning and reaching;
    • waste for information, equipment or instructions;
    • waste of overproduction, over-processing, rework, scrap or defects
  • Increasing capacity & throughput;
  • Reducing costs- Increasing profits;
  • Increasing market share

Waste Elimination is an important part of your performance improvement program. You must decide on where you want to take your business. Our consultants will assist you in formatting a multi-optioned road-map to implement bottom-line initiatives for your enterprise.

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