Carbon Free Energy Solutions


We at Eureka Six Sigma are committed in transforming Canada as a global energy and environmental leader. In addition to other services offerings, we are a strong proponent of greener business practices. Going green is very much linked to Lean thinking i.e., getting rid of hidden and costly wastes everywhere in an organization.

Ontario has huge energy conservation potential; we recommend businesses to invest in solar energy generation. Solar energy is clean and can be harnessed to produce heat, lighting, mechanical power and electricity. Investing in Solar will not only result in reducing your electricity costs in a sustainable manner but may also generate additional revenue stream for your organization. This is one of the many ways to cost avoidance and immediate savings.

How to get started?

If you are looking to reduce your monthly electricity costs or thinking to use solar to generate electricity for your community, business, manufactory or rural areas; do contact us.

Email us for a non-obligatory free assessment. Upon completion of a full-scale assessment, Eureka will present a turnkey solution meeting your immediate and future energy needs.